Consulting and Training

Strategic consultancy provides support in advanced topics related to smart city tools and service design, deployment and management. The SRA tool (Sustainability and Replicability Analysis) may be used to support the consultancy services and further promote the adoption of services that particularly matches the customer needs. You can access the tool from here: LOI

Technical Consultancy provides support to organisations willing to adopt the RADICAL platform or integrate related services. Consultancy services shall cover the fields of:
  • technology diagnosis;
  • feasibility studies;
  • guidance regarding the selection of components;
  • standards to be considered;
  • installation and management support;
  • ad-hoc adaptations of the components to particular environments.

Based on the experience gained in the project, RADICAL partners offer one day or half-day seminars. These sessions are geared to help interested staff to learn about the RADICAL platform quickly and easily. Training topics relate to the design, implementation and setting up of new services running on top of RADICAL platforms or similar or how to use and integrate with social networks througn the RADICAL platform. It can also focus on learning how to use the SRA tool. Additionally, training on how to deploy the RADICAL platform and services within the framework of FIWARE can be provided.

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