General characteristics of the RADICAL platform

RADICAL platform integrates components and tools from SocIoS and SmartSantander projects, in order to collect and analyze data stemming from social networks (SN) and IoT devices (sensors and smartphones).

Added value tools can configure and combine SN and IoT data Development of smart city services leveraging the above functionality Provides repository accessible through API.

RADICAL Platform Architecture

Interaction with the Platform

  • Repository API:

    • Push city observations/events formatted based on RADICAL Data Model for simple city devices.

  • IoT API:

    • Push city observations/events for SmartSantander-like devices.


    • Access to RADICAL repository data, data from social networks and analytic tools.

  • Configuration API:

    • Configures RADICAL experiments and data aggregation (e.g. save all social networking posts over a period).

  • External Repository Enabler:

    • Pulls data from city local repositories. A wrapper on top of each repository exposes data based on RADICAL Data Model.

Added Value Services and Toolkit

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