• Replicability: Ability to reproduce an entire experiment. Replicability analysis in RADICAL should provide conclusions on the immediate viability of the reproduced city services, based on what RADICAL offers, and on the differences between existing and reproduced city services (experiments).
  • Viability: Capacity to work or function as an independent unit. It means the ability to survive and to deliver social, economic or other value, sufficient to justify adequate investment, funding and support on an ongoing basis;
  • Sustainability: “viability into the future”, “long-term viability”.

  • KPIs (R)
  • Viability of the replication
  • KPIs (V)
  • Mid-term
  • Key date: March 2016
  • KPIs (S)
  • Long-term
  • Key date: 2020

  • Input current and future (estimated) KPIs for the dates: NOW, 2016, 2020
  • Different KPIs for each analysis. Different formulae for each result
  • Output: a measurement of the R, V or S and a set of conclusions