RADICAL provides the means for cities to become smarter by deploying a diverse set of sustainable ICT services on top of a unique platform that integrates data from the urban environment, gathered through IoT devices and Social Networks.

RADICAL services can be easily customized and, in that way, can be rapidly deployed in different urban environments through assessment and decision support mechanisms, while dealing, at the same time, with legal, governance and socio-economic aspects of each city.

Furthermore, it offers an application development environment allowing rapid development of new applications and their integration in the platform, leveraging the vast amount of data RADICAL services collect and, in this way, fostering sustainability of the whole solution.

A Living Labs approach was adopted during the design and implementation phase of the platform and Smart City services, with the involvement of real users and representatives of different socio-economic layers of society participating in the definition and subsequent validation of the services, a key for its success and long term viability.

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